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What We Build

Permanent Modular Construction

At NRB, the term "modular" simply defines a method of construction - a building created off-site under controlled conditions, transported to the site in modules, and installed on the foundation. Manufactured with wood frame, steel frame or steel with in-plant poured concrete floors, NRB structures are typically more durable than traditionally built facilities because they are engineered to withstand the rigors of transportation and installation, and they meet all National Building Codes.

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Equipment Enclosures

Our equipment enclosures and storage buildings are custom designed and engineered to meet your specific requirements, providing enduring protection for your valuable equipment and supplies. Each building begins with a review of your particular needs, including equipment or material type, weights and size; accessibility; extent of thermal, weather or security protection and well as a complete look at all systems requirements.

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In-Plant Facilities

NRB’s modular, off-site building process can provide you with an in-plant building significantly faster than traditionally built methods and with considerably less disruption to your workplace and staff. NRB’s creative in-plant office designs can provide you with an economical solution to your space requirements. NRB offers two types of in-plant buildings: pre-assembled and demountable.

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Booths and Kiosks

Canada Kiosk specializes in the manufacture, delivery and installation of a wide range of standard and custom booths, kiosks and shelters. We can provide you with site access control booths, parking and security booths, gas island kiosks, small convenience stores, customs inspection and toll booths, as well as smoking and transit shelters. From our lines of simple kiosks and shelters, to the highly sophisticated, innovative steel and aluminum booths that exhibit your corporate image or branding.

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Relocatable Buildings

The modular building industry has evolved from the need for temporary space applications, and those buildings continue to provide the market today with great flexibility for interim requirements. NRB is in the business of providing custom building solutions to clients, and we can produce high quality relocatable buildings for just about any need. From office buildings used for swing space to accommodate additional staff or special projects, to seasonal concession stands or highly sophisticated retail outlets put in place to maintain market share while renovations are underway, NRB can work with you to provide a solution. Lease/financing options are available.

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The Future is Unbuilt

Since 1979, NRB has demonstrated industry leadership and created client trust through innovative modular building design and manufacturing. We are dedicated to advancing the position of modular construction through continued research and development, and the application of enhanced building science principles to our off-site construction methodology.

Our full-service manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada provide customers with industrial, commercial, institutional and retail buildings of impressive design, finish, durability and performance. Our off-site construction process is a greener way to build and rivals site-built construction for architectural detail and exceptional performance over time. Guaranteed.


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