The NRB "off-site" construction project delivery method is a greener, more sustainable alternative to site-built construction.

Green Building is becoming an increasingly widespread, worldwide initiative as we strive to improve our environment and protect our resources and as we study ways to improve our methods and materials, it becomes apparent that building off-site in a controlled environment using modular construction methodology provides many inherent green advantages over conventional construction methods.

Building Off-Site

Shortens construction schedules. Building in a controlled environment means no weather delays. Materials are ordered, received and safely stored in a dry warehouse so replacement due to on-site damage or loss is eliminated. It also means that while the building is being constructed at the NRB plant, the site development occurs simultaneously and this dovetailing of process significantly shortens completion time.

Minimizes disturbance to the site. Building modules are shipped to the site up to 95% completed resulting in fewer construction pollutants and better protection of green space and habitat. Reduced on-site activity also means less disruption to your ongoing business or to the surrounding community.

Lessens vehicular traffic. There are fewer material deliveries and workforce travel requirements to the project site which means GHG emissions are reduced.

Reduces construction waste. Safely storing materials in a dry warehouse environment until they are needed for construction eliminates damaged product from exposure to the elements or from sitting around on a busy construction site. Moreover, less waste is generated to start with through various production efficiencies, and plant locations have regimented recycling programs. Finally, because multiple projects being built at the same time on the same "site" we can readily reuse, or re-inventory left over materials rather than send them to a recycle depot or a landfill.

Improves Construction Quality. Building in cleaner, controlled environments coupled with stringent QA/QC programs in the plant help elevate the quality levels of construction.

Results in better safety and security. The reduced activity as a result of shortened schedules and pre-built modules help improve site safety and security, two of the biggest challenges faced by on-site construction.

Allows up to 100% reuse/repurpose. Building a complete facility off-site and moving it in to its permanent location also means that the building could, if necessary, be deconstructed and relocated by reversing the installation process. This option for complete reuse rather than abandonment and rebuilding is only available with modular construction methodology.

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