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At NRB, we think of ‘modular building’ as a process rather than a product.  It’s an alternative project delivery method that begins by producing a customized building off site under controlled conditions, then transports it to the site location in three-dimensional modules, and installs it on the foundation. Your building meets all the required building codes and standards with the same building science, architectural appeal and operational requirements you would find in traditional construction.  Building off site is also a more sustainable process that inherently results in waste avoidance upstream and reduced site disruption and disturbance.  Without question though, the most sought after outcome of this process is the reduced construction schedule—your doors can open as much as 50 per cent sooner than building the conventional way.

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Off-site construction benefits

  • Architectural and building systems design flexibility
  • Collaboration in design or design assistance using REVIT, Bluebeam REVU and AutoCAD
  • Faster construction schedules
  • Less disruption to businesses and communities
  • Less on-site time and construction activity
  • Improved sustainability in construction from cradle to grave
  • Project cost and schedule predictability
  • Reduced time for project management and site supervision
  • Repeatable designs with consistent quality
  • Superior construction quality management and control

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Modular Building


Let’s build together.

From concept to completion, our experienced team of professionals work collaboratively with you to get your project started on the right path during the design and pre-construction phase our team then takes through project construction and site installation to ensure you receive precisely what you need, when you need it, all for the cost you were expecting to pay.  You will get best in class buildings with the permanence and performance of conventional construction, guaranteed.

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We are an experienced builder

We have been providing customized building solutions in Canada since 1979 so it’s safe to say, we are in it for the long haul. We’ve worked together with forward-thinking owners and architects creating impressive buildings that can range from a 50 sq.ft. customs security booth at a busy border crossing, to a 50,000 sq.ft multi-story school in an urban community. We produce a wide range of commercial building “product” applications such as equipment enclosures, in-plant buildings, kiosks and relocatable classrooms and complexes – and we are experts in permanent modular construction (PMC), one of the fastest growing trends in commercial construction today

Commercial Construction Market Sectors we serve

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Mining, Energy and Resource
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Commercial and Office
  • Government
  • Residences: multi-family; student housing; assisted living

Convenience store and quick service restaurant

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