Loosely converted, that’s 480 months, 2080 weeks, 14,610 days, (including leap years). It’s 350,640 total hours (or 116,880 weekday work hours). No matter how you measure the time, it’s an enormous amount of dedication and commitment of people not only to building a company and it’s products, but to inspiring and transforming an industry.

Back in 1979 while Bob and Jean McNeil were busy raising their family of 6 in Grimsby, Ontario…Trivial Pursuit was launched; Pink Floyd released “The Wall”. Sony released the Walkman for $200.00, the first snowboard was invented, interest rates were over 15%, the average cost of a home was under $60,000.00, the average income was $18,000.00 and a Toyota Corola didn’t quite cost $4000.00. A barrel of oil reached an all-time high of $24.00. Saturday night live aired for the first time, the UK elected the first woman prime minister, Joe Clark unseated Pierre Elliot Trudeau as Canadian Prime Minister and Bob and Jean opened the doors to their new modular building business, Niagara Relocatable Buildings, known as NRB Inc., today.


They didn’t just build buildings, they built relationships!


Throughout the 1980’s the company expanded its facilities, staff, built customer relationships, market share, and increased product offerings. By the mid 1980’s 5 of their 6 children joined the company in various positions, making it a true family owned business. The corporate name was changed to NRB Inc. in 1990 in recognition of the larger geographical market area and diversity of products and services being offered by that time.

Bob and Jean retired from NRB Inc. in 1992, passing the ownership on to the five children working there. Within a few years, the ownership changed from five children, to two of their sons, Bob and Craig McNeil, who remain active in the day to day operations of the firm.

In 1997, NRB acquired the shares of Canada Kiosk Corporation to enhance its market and product lines, as well as Empire Manufacturing, a miscellaneous metals company.

By the late 1990’s and due to the expanding business being developed in the north east and mid-Atlantic US states through new sales and distribution channels from Canada, NRB opened the Ephrata, Pennsylvania plant under the NRB (USA), Inc. banner in 2003. Ownership of NRB (USA), Inc. is still shared by Bob and Craig McNeil through each of their holding companies.

NRB (USA) moved from Ephrata, PA to a new 16-acre property with plant and offices in New Holland, PA in 2015.

In April 2019, in the spirit of continued success and growth long in to the future, NRB and Horizon North have amalgamated, and NRB is now a Horizon North company.

As we enter the next chapter in NRB’s remarkable history, we are even more proud of our path that led us here. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of our people, as well as the support and trust of our customers and suppliers, we can today, lay claim to 40 years of achievement”.

Bob and Craig McNeil.