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Data/Equipment Center
Bruce Power Data Center
Location: Tiverton, ON
Building Size: 3,000 sq. ft.
Project Timeline: 30 weeks

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A nuclear energy plant that is a major source of Ontario’s electricity, Bruce Power required a new data center that could be counted on for the long term. NRB’s off-site construction process—which included testing and commissioning—meant the two-storey building was fully functional significantly faster than originally planned and site disruption was kept to a minimum—a real advantage in an industry where public safety is paramount.

Project Overview

Features & Benefits

This 2-storey data center was built for Bruce Power using NRB’s off-site construction technology. By constructing 95% of the entire structure, including the installation and testing of their equipment at our plant, Bruce Power reduced their original site-build construction schedule by 50%. The building is used to house equipment, pumps, controls, switchgears, MCC and computer racks to service the adjacent administration building. A dedicated cooling system controls heat gain from associated equipment.

Pre-poured concrete floors and structural steel construction provide strength and durability.

All equipment was installed at NRB’s plant and testing and commissioning was completed at NRB in our controlled environment prior to transportation to site, this improved overall quality of the finished product.

Dedicated cooling system to control heat gain from equipment.

Roof top chiller pre-installed on roof and shipped as complete package to site.

12’ 0” inside heights.

Maintenance free interior finishes and pre-painted, exterior metal cladding with profile that matches that of the adjacent building.

Connecting 2 storey link to adjacent building.

Exterior enclosed staircase for access between levels of data centre.

Aluminum louvers/screens installed for aesthetics around roof perimeter to block vision path to roof top chillers.