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Create productive work spaces in busy plant surroundings.

Our customized in-plant buildings can provide your staff the peace and quiet they need in a bustling and noisy plant environment to hold team meetings, catch up on communications, control operations, or simply take a break and have lunch. Designs can facilitate a 360-degree view of the surrounding production lines or take the distractions away completely—the choice is yours.

Two options to meet your needs:


Our SM100 series is a preassembled wood- or steel-framed structure. It comes with the floor, walls and ceiling completely finished inside and out, including durable steel cladding, low-maintenance vinyl-covered drywall interior with a vinyl tile floor and suspended acoustical ceiling. The unit is shipped to your business completely assembled, with the design always taking into consideration the width and height limitations of any exterior or interior access points. Once in position, you’re ready to go with one simple power connection.


Our NCP-1000 series is a non-combustible panelized system that can be assembled to any size or configuration. For smaller applications, the in-plant building arrives conveniently pre-assembled. For larger applications, the in-plant facility is shipped disassembled and ready for easy travel through your plant. The wall panel system has a unique non-progressive metal extrusion fastening system for fast installation and easy removal or replacement of a panel without disturbing the rest of the building. The panels feature a sleek, durable steel exterior and a low-maintenance vinyl-covered drywall interior. The ceiling is metal decking with suspended acoustical ceiling tiles. All the panels are pre-wired with outlets, switches and data cable boxes. Panels may be solid or include a window or door to achieve the look and layout you require. Our panel system can come with a floor system or can be simply fastened to your plant floor and finished, if desired.


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The Benefits

  • Quality. All buildings manufactured at the NRB plant are subject to our rigorous QA/QC program and inspections so you are guaranteed a best-in-class facility every time.
  • Speed. We can design and build your in-plant office building in significantly less time than it would take you to build it at your plant, and with much less disruption. Our preassembled structures are all ready to power up, and our panel buildings can be assembled by our qualified installers usually in a few days, depending on size.
  • Solitude. Both preassembled and panelized building systems have wall, roof and floor insulation, as well as double-pane glass, to help you shut out the noise while you work. Additional sound reduction options are also available when needed for high-decibel-level areas.
  • Flexibility. Choosing our NCP-1000 panel systems allows you to alter, relocate or repurpose with ease. Two story buildings have a structural steel support system that allows you to completely remove the upper or lower offices while keeping the rest of the building in place.
  • Safety. Reducing the on-site time to erect or position your new in-plant building is key in a busy industrial environment. Construction activity is reduced and safety is improved.
  • Do-it-yourself. Our in-plant panel buildings are very easy to assemble for those customers who want to do the work themselves.

Our flexibility is your asset

Whether you need a simple 100-square-foot shipping office on the warehouse floor or a 4000-square-foot two-story engineering and operations center monitoring and controlling the production lines, our design team can come up with exactly what you need. We put your priorities first. Design, budget, schedule and service are all considered as we create a building package that meets your needs. And our can-do attitude has us known for undertaking complex projects that others may find difficult to deliver.

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