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Enclosure for Manufacturing
In-plant office
Location: London, ON
Building Type: NCP-1000 panelized
Building Size: 360 Sq. Ft.
Project Timeline: 4 weeks
Project #: 1103027

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This company needed to isolate a component of their manufacturing process from their existing plant facility, and looked to NRB’s panelized in plant building system for the answer.

Features and Benefits

The enclosure was customized to suit their manufacturing process requirements, with 10’ ceilings, and double doors to bring in materials and equipment.

The NCP-1000 system can allow clear span spaces by using vertical HSS posts, engineered roof beams and roof deck.

The building also featured a ductless split air conditioning system with a wall mounted air handler and was fully insulated for both climatic control and sound attenuation.

The NCP-1000 system is all steel, non-combustible construction using panels that can be customized for varying configurations and heights.

All systems are pre-wired with outlets, data conduits and electrical panels for easy connection – all to suit the client’s needs.

This enclosure required no floor assembly as it was installed on the concrete floor of the existing building.

Floor Plan

floor plans inplant 2