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Executive Boardroom
in-plant office space
Location: Mississauga, ON
Building Type: Hybrid Panelized Partition System
Building Size: 912 Sq. Ft.
Project Timeline: 6 weeks
Project #: 133011

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When a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions needed a sustainable solution themselves, they looked at the innovation offered by NRB. Growing and running out of office space at their Mississauga location, a decision was made to convert an existing meeting room in to office space, which meant moving that area out to the warehouse.

Because the client was looking for the durability of a steel panelized wall system along with the aesthetics of an Executive Boardroom, NRB proposed a hybrid solution that blended features of the NCP-1000 in plant panel system with the sleek C4000 aluminum extrusion system built by sister company Canada Kiosk.

Features and Benefits

The result was a stunning room 24’ x 38’, all open space with 9’6” clear ceilings.

The interior is finished with cherry wood grain panels set in to the aluminum framework with matching solid core doors, while the exterior had the smooth steel finish characterized by a robust NCP-1000 panel system.

The boardroom has one fully frosted glass wall, is completely pre-wired and has heating, air conditioning and a sprinkler system.

If needed, the panelized room can be easily dismantled, relocated and repurposed for the optimal green benefit of 100% reuse.

Floor Plan

floor plans inplant 6