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Steel Plant Offices, Meeting and Test Rooms
modular in-plant office
Location: Burlington, ON
Building Type: 2 Story - NCP-1000 panelized
Building Size: 2,560 Sq. Ft.
Project Timeline: 8 weeks
Project #: 1073037

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One of North America’s leading suppliers of cold-drawn steel products needed more office space in their busy, noisy production plant, and they looked to NRB to help them with a two story building design that would accommodate offices, a meeting room and test rooms.

Features & Benefits

This 16’ x 80 facility featured 7 offices below, each accessible from the plant floor, along with 6 more rooms on the upper level with an interior corridor plus a walk out to a 10’ x 16’ mezzanine storage area.

The building was located in a high-decibel level area, so the design required custom acoustical treatment with a rubber sound blanket installed in the wall panel assembly as well as fibreglass sound attenuation batts in the ceiling spaces.

Windows were double pane safety glass and the doors had special sound attenuating seals.

The building also featured a a full electrical package, central HVAC system and sprinklers.

This non-combustible NCP-1000 bi-level panel system has engineered structural steel support between floors, with vertical steel posts designed in to the wall assembly.

For maximum flexibility, the lower office area panels may be removed leaving a mezzanine type application in place should the need arise for more production space.

Floor Plan

floor plans inplant 7