NRB and Horizon North Host Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Housing Minister Steve Clark

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Photo left to right: Hon. Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing; Hon. Doug Ford, Premier; Rod Graham, Horizon North President and CEO; Sam Oosterhoff, MPP for Niagara West

On Friday, February 21, 2020, Rod Graham, Horizon North’s President and CEO, and our NRB Inc., a Horizon North Company, team had the privilege of touring Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark through NRB’s Grimsby, ON modular manufacturing facility.

Like many areas of North America, affordable housing is a critical need in Ontario. Individuals and families are struggling to find places to live, with some 12,000 people each night finding themselves homeless. The visit by Premier Ford and Minister Clark to the NRB facility provided the opportunity to showcase the controlled, indoor manufacturing that separates modular from other forms of construction. The tour also provided the chance to describe the successful role modular has played in addressing affordable housing needs in jurisdictions like BC, where the provincial government has made significant investments in affordable housing construction and support, including nearly 1,700 modular spaces built by Horizon North.

For governments and other stakeholders in affordable housing, the most appealing benefit of modular construction is the dramatically reduced timeline for building. Speeding up the traditional timeline by up to 50 percent allows developers and communities to address urgent housing needs with rapid response capabilities.

While conventional construction is fraught with missed deadlines and cost overruns that cause project managers and developers stress, modular also provides the benefit of predictable outcomes and peace of mind – the product of the controlled manufacturing environment and an end-to-end approach to the design-build process.

The importance of a home cannot be overstated. For many, affordable housing offers a new chance at life, an opportunity to be part of a community, and the foundation needed to live the life they want. Modular construction can play a key role in addressing housing needs across Ontario and Canada. Horizon North and NRB were pleased to share with Premier Ford and Minister Clark our vision of a safe place to call home for every Canadian.

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In photo: Hon. Doug Ford, Premier; Jim Gazo Regional Vice President – Modular Solutions, NRB Inc., a Horizon North Company
Premier And Scott 300x261
In photo: Hon. Doug Ford, Premier, Scott Van Rooy, Director of Operations, NRB Inc., a Horizon North Company