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Charter School of Philadelphia
Charter School of Philadelphia
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Construction Partner: Modular Design Technology
Building Size: 12,420 sq. ft.
Project Timeline: September 2002 - January 2003

NRB’s modular construction process was the perfect solution when a multi-story extension was needed for a growing school that faced several specific building challenges. This four-story permanent modular construction was created off-site and then erected in only 15 days, dramatically reducing the disruption that would have taken place had conventional construction occurred.

The client was seeking a new image to have a modern presence in the downtown core. To do this, NRB made extensive use of curtain-wall with tinted glazing, complemented with architectural aluminum and exposed aggregate panels from top to bottom of the building’s exterior.

Prior to erection on site, all features and finishes were installed and the building was assembled and tested at the NRB plant, including the plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, to ensure full functionality upon assembly.