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Modular Classroom for the Grand Erie District School Board
Modular Classroom in Brantford, ON
Location: Brantford, ON
Building Size: 1,104 sq. ft.
Project Timeline: January 2012 - July 2012

When the Grand Erie District School Board required the addition of Kindergarten classroom space they choose modular non-combustible building construction to meet the classification of the existing school. This permanent kindergarten room modular building addition was created in two modules, and is connected to the existing school with a corridor link that has a built in concrete ramp to transition between different floor elevations.

It was built using recycled steel, with pre-poured concrete floors that were done in a polished retro-plate finish, eliminating the need for flooring materials and at the same time, prolonging wear and reducing maintenance. The teachers use scatter rugs where needed, that can easily be lifted and cleaned. The envelope is heavily insulated with rigid foam in the roof, walls and floor assemblies. Walls feature R26 rigid that is comprised of 3” (R20) in horizontal “Z” girts, with an additional layer of 1” (R6) insulation over the “Z” girts to eliminate thermal bridging.

The exterior finish features gold colored corrugated heavy gauge metal cladding above with stone around the perimeter below for durability, and to blend with the existing school, yet have it stand out as the new “home” for the kids.