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GreenZone 2013 – Pedia-Pod
GreenZone 2013 – Pedia-Pod
Construction Partner: Building Design + Construction, SGC Horizon LLC
Building Size: 588 sq. ft.
Project Timeline: September 2013 - November 2013

Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the site of a unique display—Pedia-Pod, a modular pediatric treatment room. The unit was designed and built by NRB (USA) in Ephrata, PA, in collaboration with Building Design+Construction, its parent organization SGC Horizon LLC and their team of medical design consultants.

Off-site construction is gaining momentum and recognition within the AEC and building owner community as a viable alternative to traditional on-site construction methods. Pedia-Pod is a blend of architectural form and medical function that is relevant to the specialized, comforting care needed for the treatment of children.

The Pedia-Pod modular concept, with its sustainable design and construction principles, can be applied to many types of healthcare facility needs, from bathroom pods to physician offices, imaging clinics, ambulatory care centers, and even complete hospitals.