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Off-site Construction for KidsLink
Off-site Construction for KidsLink
Location: St. Agatha, ON
Building Size: 6,975 sq. ft.
Project Timeline: July 2010 - December 2010

KidsLINK is a non-profit organization that has been dealing with children and young people with mental health issues for more than 150 years. When it came time to replace the existing 40 year old wood portables with a new facility, the organization decided that they again would go with an off-site construction method to minimize disruption on site and to the children.

Because the existing site was surrounded by older residential housing structures the importance of the new facility blending in was important. A simple stucco exterior finish in a brick colour tone with large operable windows was chosen to best fit the surroundings. The overall layout and entrance locations were very carefully planned, as well as all interior spaces such as reflection rooms, counselling rooms and classroom areas to keep the overall feel of the school bright and cheerful. Sun tunnels were added to the hallways, interior counseling and reflection rooms to create a bright natural learning environment for the students and staff.

KidsLINK and staff are “thrilled” with the new facility and its functionality and the new building fits into their goal of becoming an international professional resource centre.