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Modular Gas Station for Shell Canada
Shell Canada Modular Gas Station
Location: Toronto, ON
Building Size: 1,715 sq. ft.
Project Timeline: June 2005 - September 2005

Due to tight space constraints of the site, modular construction was a practical solution to reduce site congestion and minimize the time spent on-site. Through modular construction, all aspects of the stores construction were inspected for quality and corporate details off-site at the NRB plant. As well, with site congestion and debris minimized, this allowed for a cleaner, more building process and canopy installation.

With substantial building construction started in NRB’s yard in early summer, it allowed for building to be completed well before required on site. Once the foundations were completed on site, the building was split into three shippable sections and transported via flatbed trucks then craned into position. Section seams, the canopy finish, landscaping and asphalt paving were completed in only two weeks, allowing the store to be stocked and ready for opening in record time.