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Pre-built Starbucks
Pre-built Starbucks
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Building Size: 686 sq. ft.

A pre-built modular frame was the perfect solution for this building due to the site location and construction timing. As a result of labour relations in Brooklyn, interior systems and all finishes were required to be completed on site by local trades. However, due to the use of a pre-built building frame, all work could take place simultaneously to speed the construction schedule, and ultimately minimizing site construction time allowing the store to open earlier.

The entire steel and concrete frame of this building, including all roofing, exterior wall sheathing, insulation and wind barrier, was completed at NRB’s plant. The frame was then separated into 3 sections and shipped via flatbed transport to the site. Each section was lifted by crane and set onto the owner’s foundations with the 3 sections being fastened together and roof seems completed in the same day.