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Tim Hortons' Modular Building
Tim Hortons' Modular Building
Location: Oakville, ON
Building Size: 560 sq. ft.

Wanting to launch their double drive-thru program in record time, Tim Hortons turned to NRB to create a modular building that met the stringent design and imaging criteria of the brand and was built in the quickest time possible.

The construction of this modular store was comprised of factory pre-poured concrete floors, structural steel, and lumber. With a metallic finish on the exterior aluminum cladding there is a hi-tech appearance, while reflecting the corporate image.  On the interior, there is a customer service area which features a non-slip floor plus a durable, maintenance-free plastic laminate wall finish. As well of the store fixtures including donut racks and service counters were handled by NRB.  All of the electrical and mechanical fixtures were pre-installed at our plant before the building was divided into sections and delivered to the site to be set in place by NRB crews.