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Permanent Modular Laboratory for the EPA
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Laboratory
Location: Edison, NJ
Building Size: 6,969 sq. ft.
Project Timeline: April 2010 - November 2010

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency needed a permanent constructed laboratory that could be moved at a later date and reassembled. NRB’s off-site construction technology using structural steel and pre-poured concrete floors and “Build-Together” process provided the perfect solution. The units arrived on site fully equipped with all millwork and electrical/mechanical systems and fume hoods with acid venting assemblies installed. The laboratory had to meet stringent requirements; indoor air quality was of paramount concern.

NRB incorporated a complex design of HVAC systems along with rigid type insulation systems for the building envelope to provide an air tight barrier from external air contaminate infiltration. Individual DDC systems were installed to manage the air quality of each area.