For more than a decade, the PC2000 series design technology has become the “peace of mind” portable classroom solution of choice. It addresses some of the critical environmental, quality and maintenance challenges faced by School Boards today. This innovative engineering signaled a transformation towards greener, more sustainable design standards in Portable Classrooms.

It’s an undeniable fact that temporary learning facilities are a necessary and integral part of a School’s ability to effectively manage changing demographics. Providing healthy, energy efficient and more environmentally responsible learning environments for students and staff with a much longer “shelf life” are the cornerstones of our design principles.

The new PC2014 is really only a “portable classroom” by function. The building science used to design and construct it equals or even exceeds that found in conventional construction standards. It is the portable classroom that leads the industry with better life cycle, superior energy performance and environmental sensitivity.


At NRB, we understand that a healthier learning environment is a safer and more productive learning environment. Resistance to moisture intrusion and mold contamination are key design principles of the PC2014. From structure to finishes, we remove about 90% of the cellulose materials from the building, so in the event moisture becomes present over time, there is little nutrient base on which mold can develop and grow. This combined with optimal ventilation and materials with low to no VOC’s, work together for better indoor air quality.


The unique design features of the PC2014 building envelope consider everything from superior thermal protection, to reduced maintenance requirements. Our attention to construction and design detail combined with your selection of just the right options for you, mean these classrooms last longer, run more efficiently and take a smaller bite out of tight maintenance budgets!


Well before “green” became the mantra for construction design practices that it is today, NRB was pioneering the PC2000 design technology. Our classrooms are built using recycled steel, the efficient HVAC units can include a variety of energy management systems and our manufacturing practice allows us better control over recycling and waste management. Plus, the fact that the entire building can be relocated for 100% reuse, and is typically installed with almost zero site disturbance, gives it an A+ for environmental sensitivity.

Energy Efficient

The newest evolution of the PC2000 family of portable classrooms, our PC2014, has a further enhanced building envelope and fenestration design that allows it to prescriptively meet the new Ontario Building Code SB-10 Energy Efficiency requirements.  When the Unit Ventilator with its Remote Energy Recovery Wheel and energy efficient electrical package is added to the mix, the modeling resulted in a building that exceeds the SB-10 requirements by over 25%.

For more information, drawings and specifications of the new PC2014 design, please contact us today.