Robotics Pavilion

Client: York University
Location: Toronto, ON
Building Size: 600 sq. ft.
Project Timeline: 71 days
Awards: First Place, Modular Building Institute Awards, 2014

Canada’s third largest university is known for its brutalist-modernist architecture and innovative programs, making the eye-catching colour, sleek geometric look and switchblade layout of this project very appropriate. Students collaborated on the design, which packs a whole lot of ‘wow’ into its relatively small footprint. One half of the building is a robotics lab used for experimentation and teaching in York’s highly regarded Vision, Graphics and Robotics program. The other half is a transit shelter. The pavilion is equipped with wifi, space-saving lab work surfaces that can be tucked away when not in use, and a scatter-pattern of potlights that resemble stars at night. Multi-use and relocatable, the building is a great example of design ingenuity and modular flexibility.

"Designed in collaboration with university students, this unique robotics pavilion was created to have definite ‘wow’ factor." Modular Building Institute Awards nomination