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Safeguarding your valuable equipment.

For more than 35 years, NRB has been at the forefront of customized modular building design. Our countless equipment and storage building applications prove we have the technical know-how and experience necessary to provide our clients with exactly what they need, when they need it.

Although some equipment buildings may be wood frame structures, most are built with steel.  Our Ontario location has a certified structural steel fabrication shop, we are certified to CWB 47.1 as well as CSA A660 for steel buildings.

We know from experience that one design doesn’t fit all. We start with a review of your specific equipment housing requirements, then tailor each building to suit size, layout, structural capabilities, mechanical, electrical and architectural needs. Each building is structurally engineered to suit the load requirements of your equipment, whether it’s installed on the floor, mounted on the walls, or hung from the ceiling. We can provide you with mechanical and electrical systems to any level of specified complexity—or we can simply provide an engineered enclosure for your own mechanical and electrical equipment installation.



The building envelope and interior or exterior finishes can be customized to suit required sound attenuation, thermal protection, fire rating, life cycle durability and aesthetics. We can design the enclosure so that it can be hoisted and moved with or without your equipment already installed—the choice is yours.


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The Benefits

  • Value engineered. Your building is customized to suit your exact requirements, no more and no less, so you pay for only what you need.
  • Single-source efficiency. We can offer one-stop shopping as needed, from full Revit design or design-assist capabilities, through production in our controlled plant environment, to delivery and installation onto your prepared site.
  • Repeatability. We can provide multiple enclosures that are identical or of similar specification. Once designed, the process to modify or build additional units is easy and the cost per building may often be reduced.
  • OEM to OEM resource options. Many of our clients are the manufacturers or providers of the equipment that needs to be protected, and we work collaboratively to provide the right product for their complete resale packaged offering. We can ship the enclosure to your plant ready for your equipment installation; you can ask us to install your equipment for you; or you can install the equipment yourself at our plant—it’s all open for discussion.

Our flexibility is your asset

Whether our scope of work ends at our plant, your plant, or includes delivery and installation to the final site location, we put your priorities first. Design, budget, schedule and service are all considered as we create a package that meets your needs. Our can-do attitude has us known for undertaking complex projects that others may find difficult to deliver.

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